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March 5, 2018


        The Embassy of India, Kathmandu organised a training course in Screen Acting for 20 prominent actors and actresses from Nepal at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune from 12 February to 03 March 2018.


          A first ever initiative of such kind from the Embassy of India, Kathmandu, it was also the first time that FTII, Pune organised such a course for foreign participants. Actors included prominent young film stars like Malina Joshi, Ashma Dahal, Samayam Puri and Mohammed Washi amongst others.


          At the valedictory function, Certificates of Participation were presented to the visiting actors by Subhash Ghai, eminent film maker and FTII alumnus. Ghai is credited with launching popular Nepali actor Manisha Koirala in Hindi cinema.


          During the course, the participants received rigorous training in acting through teaching of Rasa Theory, sense memory, improvisation, scene-work and lip sync playback. The course also entailed contemporary dance workshops, yoga classes as well as an exposure visit to an ongoing shooting location in Mumbai.


          A pioneering institute of film training in India, FTII Pune provided a unique opportunity to these actors in further honing their skills. It was a step ahead in connecting the Nepali film industry with Bollywood.


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