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India’s assistance of NRS 374.680 million for embankment construction along Lalbakeya, Bagmati & Kamla river in Nepal

December 9, 2013


Ambassador of India to Nepal H.E. Mr. Ranjit Rae handed over a cheque of NRs. 374.680 million to H.E. Mr. Umakant Jha, Hon’ble Minister of Energy, Irrigation and Science & Technology & Environment, Government of Nepal as India’s contribution towards construction of embankments along Lalbakeya, Bagmati and Kamla rivers in Nepal which is being undertaken in accordance with the decisions taken at the 7th Meeting of India-Nepal Joint Committee on Inundation and Flood Management (JCIFM).
India has been providing assistance to Nepal for strengthening and extension of embankments along Lalbakeya, Bagmati and Kamla rivers.  With the present assistance, the total grant assistance already disbursed for embankment construction along these rivers, stands at NRs. 2917.68 Million, of which NRs. 256.947 million in January 2013; NRS 97.71 million was released in July 2012; NRs. 345.73 million in October 2011; NRs. 545.35 million in March 2011; NRs.599.78 million in 2010; NRs. 531.5 million in 2009, and NRs. 165.5 million was released in 2008.


India remains committed to continue working closely with Nepal for further cooperation in the field of Water Resources so that this contributes to the development and prosperity of a close and friendly neighbour.



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